Improved Valve Seat Reduces Pump Expertse

Issue 19 and Volume 52.

Improved Valve Seat Reduces Pump Expertse A marked improvement in valve construction which is receiving the attention of those concerned. is found in the Boyd-Turbine Valve Seat, manufactured by James Boyd & Brother, Inc., of Philadelphia. By introducing a rotary motion, the makers of this valve seat hav.e overcome a difficulty which has long been a costly factor in pumping engines. They have cut down the wear and tear of rubber valves and declare that the life of valves is thereby increased at least 300 per cent. The Boyd Turbine Valve Seat rotates slightly with each stroke of the pump. This action is brought about by the water passing through the valve seat at a proper angle, due to the peculiar construction of the ribs. The ribs are curved and slightly over-iapping, making the water strike the valve at an angle instead ot coming against it perpendicularly as in the…

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