Settlement of Birmingham Water Rates

Issue 21 and Volume 52.

Settlement of Birmingham Water Rates The Weatherly water ordinance, if adopted by Birmingham, Ala., will tend to remove all feeling as to discrimination in rates, and what many have regarded as extortion. The ordinance has certain distinctive features. It provides for meter inspection by the city with or without notice to the water company, instead of “upon notice to the company.” This is looked upon as a valuable provision. It does away with the charge for water not used. The ordinance apparently eliminates the multiple meter charge. There is a small charge for meter rent, but it is a small one to the domestic consumer, and is clearer than any maximum or minimum meter charges. It takes the place of the minimum charge for the use of water exacted in other cities. With city meter inspection as provided for in the ordinance, the meter ought to be under sufficient protection.…

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