Fire Order Issued Against New York Schools

Issue 21 and Volume 52.

Fire Order Issued Against New York Schools Fire Commissioner Johnson has just completed an investigation of every school building in this city, and as a result he has forwarded to Egerton L. Winthrop, Jr., president of the board of education, violation orders against 587 public schools. In addition, the bureau of fire prevention has made out violation orders against 227 other schools of the city. Of these. 135 are occupied by parochial schools and 92 by private schools. The number of public school buildings which were inspected by deputy and battalion fire. chiefs was 647, and they found that only 60 of these complied with the fire department safety regulations or were unoccupied. Accompanying his letter to President Winthrop, Fire Commissioner Johnson has sent a summary, giving briefly the faults found with each building and the nature of the order issued against it. In a majority of cases the board…

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