A Female Mafiosist

Issue 21 and Volume 52.

A Female Mafiosist Leona Delmarco, the prettiest girl in the employment of the Cleintry factory at Harrison, N. J., was recently arrested on a charge of operating as a firebug in Newark and several other towns in New Jersey and in Newburgh, N. Y. She was the leader of some 40 men known as “the Calabrian gang,” all of whom worked under her orders in New Jersey. When she was arrested she ran to a window with the intention of committing suicide by throwing herself out from it, but was prevented by other girls. The detective who made the arrest declared that she was an associate of criminals and that her distinguishing title among them was “the Queen of Firebugs.” There was evidence that under various names she had rented several houses at frequent intervals, filled them with furniture and insured it. after which the houses burned. When an Italian…

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