Issue 21 and Volume 52.

ORGANIZATION AND DRILL OF FIRE BRIGADE The national fire prevention committee of the National Board of Fire Underwriters has issued a very neat pamphlet entitled, “Suggestions for the organization and drilling of Private Fire Brigades,” which, owing to the practicability of the data pertaining to the formation and management of large or small private fire departments, is given herewith in full: Introduction There are certain classes of property, such as department stores, theaters and the older type of mercantile building, where occupancy and character of construction will tend to limit the effective work of the brigade to the extinguishment of fires in their early or incipient stage, and where private fire onerations as a rule will be confined to the interior of the building. For other classes of property, such as mill and shop plants, including railroad terminal yards and docks, fire operations will be mostly in the open and…

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