Primitive Methods of Fire-fighting in China

Issue 22 and Volume 52.

Primitive Methods of Fire-fighting in China Reforms in China, due to the change in government and the adoption of western methods by the republic, have not extended so far as to include the establishment of a modern system of ligating fires in the cities. The great contlagration that swept Canton a few days ago shows the utter inadequacy of defense against the spread of flames. Over a thousand houses were burned, as well as a number of public buildings and the steamship docks. The streets of the city are from eight to 12 feet in width. In the densest part ot the city the roofs of the houses are covered with a loose framework, on which firewood is piled, clothes are washed and dried and meals cooked. Those roofs are like tinder boxes in case of fire. Yet in spite of this fact. Canton has no organized fire department. The…

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