Nott Engine at Petaluma

Issue 22 and Volume 52.

Nott Engine at Petaluma On November 12 the Nott Universal Triple Combination Motor Pumping Engine was accepted by the city of Petaluma, Cal., and placed in commission. The engine had been in the city for some weeks previous and the severe tests to which it was subjected during that time fully established its capacity for pumping and speed. The principal test made on Novmber 6, was pumping steadily for over six hours through 120 feet of hose, using a 1 1/8-inch smooth bore nozzle. The engine stood this test well, as it did the 2-hour endurance run in spec fied time. It was then tested with different diameter nozzle and lines of hose all of which proved satisfactory to Mayor Zartman, Chief Adams and members of the Council and fire commissioners. J. L. Phillips was personally in charge of the tests which were made entirely under the rules of the…

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