Berlin Firemen in Trouble

Issue 23 and Volume 52.

Berlin Firemen in Trouble The thousand and more men who form the fire brigade of Berlin are no longer allowed to be members of the Association of Berlin Firemen, an organization made up of both active and veteran firemen. This combination docs not enjoy the approbation of Herr von Jagow, the official to whom, under the eye of the German Emperor, is intrusted the duty of overseeing and regulating all police matters and everything that under the autocratic rule that obtains in Germany comes under, or can be supposed to come under police regulation. In Germany, as is generally the case all over continental Europe, all associations, civil, ecclesiastical, fraternal, secret or other, are constructively placed under the supervision of the police, and practically under their jurisdiction. Hence, the Berlin Fire Association comes under their purview. To this organization, however, not being made up of actual firemen, who, of course,…

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