Important Water Service Decision

Issue 23 and Volume 52.

Important Water Service Decision In the case of the Vicksburg, Miss , Water Compane vs. E. Ford, which had gone up on appeal to the Supreme Court, it was decided that the companies had no right to assess damages if water bills were not paid within a certain number of days after the bills were due. The decision was that Ford must pay the original bill with interest, but was not liable for the 10 per cent, damages charged with interest. The last, it was held, was a penalty and not to be collected by law The company urged that this was res indicata—that in litigation previously had this proposition bad been adjudicated in the Federal Court. This was denied by Ford’s attorneys who retied upon that matter alone for a reversal of the decision. The Supreme Court, however, held that the 10 per cent, damages were an nnlawiul penalty…

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