New Filter at Kansas City

Issue 23 and Volume 52.

New Filter at Kansas City Flint, Mich., will soon have a filtration plant in operation. The outside construction work is complete, with the exception of the erection of a 130-foot smoke-stack. A 48-inch intake pipe leading from the water to the filtration plant, a distance of 433 feet, has also been laid for some time. The large coagulating basins at the north and south ends of the plant and the 12,000.000gallon filtering basin and the two 18-inch surface mains leading from the plant to the city are now in position. On the inside two Wicks vertical boilers have been installed, but the rest of the inside work, including pumps, engines, etc., has yet to make its appearance. The eight filtering beds, each with a capacity of 1,000,000 gallons a day, with the four marble stands and series of operating and regulating levers arc erected on the concrete floor. So far…

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