Sues for Water Service

Issue 23 and Volume 52.

Sues for Water Service Bristol, Tenn., has brought suit against the Bristol Gas and Electric Company for $9,000, for alleged back water rent due by it to the city. Only a very short time ago a 2-inch pipe ran into the plant of the gas and electric company on Broad steet. A meter was put on the pipe and it registered the use of water sufficient to warrant a charge of $125 per month. This charge was made for six years and a bill for $9,000 sent to the lighting company. It is claimed that the pipe has been in the company’s plant a longer time. The statute of limitations, however, would bar a claim for service further back than six years. It is said to be understood that the lighting company claims to have been pumping its water from the creek near by. In an opinion by Judge Treacy,…

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