Brunswick Home, Amityville, Fire

Issue 23 and Volume 52.

Brunswick Home, Amityville, Fire The Brunswick Home, Amityville. L. I., N. Y., is a private asylum for idiots, epileptics and feeble-minded children. It consists of 10 buildings. two of which were destroyed in a recent fire, while two others narrowly escaped a like fate. The buildings destroyed, the annex and the boys’ cottage were of wood three and one-half stories high. In the former lived 55 or 60 men and women, of whom 20 were bedridden and unable to walk a step. I nthe latter and the buildings close by were housed 200 patients, young and old, alcoholics, idiots and cripples. About 200 feet to the west were the buildings of Louden Hall, with 100 more patients of the same character, while 300 yards further off were the buildings of the Long Island Home, sheltering 90 lunatics. The fire started in the annex at about 10 o’clock in the morning…

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