Fire Prevention in Wisconsin

Issue 24 and Volume 52.

Fire Prevention in Wisconsin Half a million fire loss, 28 deaths and 18 serious accidents due to chimney tires was the Wisconsin record for last year. State Fire Marshal T. M. Purtell offers these suggestions with a view to preventing such losses: Stoves—Place a metal stoveboard on the wood floor under the stove, and extending at least 12 inches in front of the ashpit door. Protect all walls and partitions within two feet of any stove with a metal shield, leaving an air space between the shield and the wall. Leave no kindling or other wood in the oven over night. Do not hang clothes too near the stove or stovepipes. Pipes—See that the lengths of stovepipe are well fitted together, free from rust holes and parted seams, wired firmly and fitted perfectly into the chimney. Stovepipes passing through partitions, walls, floors, attics and roofs arc dangerous at best. Where…

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