Issue 24 and Volume 52.

WEAK STRUCTURAL CONDITIONS AT PROVIDENCE Following a recent inspection of the fire hazards at Providence, R. I., the engineers of the National Board of Fire Underwriters issued the following summary: “The weak structural conditions, particularly the general lack of protection to openings in floors, party walls and exposed windows and the large amount of frame construction, together with the mainly very narrow streets, make a high potential hazard in the congested value district. The automatic sprinkler equipments, the good water supply and the efficient fire department, though the latter is somewhat undermanned, should in most of the district ordinarily prevent a fire from getting beyond control, but there arc many buildings or groups of buildings forming serious conflagration breeders. The gene ral hazard has been much reduced by the many additional sprinkler installations, but these are lacking in some of the conflagration breeders and window protection is so infrequent that…

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