Superior Chief Advises Citizens

Issue 24 and Volume 52.

Superior Chief Advises Citizens Chief Olaf Johnson, of the Superior, Wis., fire department, has sent to the citizens of that place the following list of Christmas precautions: For the protection of life and the prevention of fire, it is my duty to remind you that all decorations in stores, halls, churches, theatres, schoolhouses or any other place where a number of people assemble must be installed in a way not to cause fire. All exits must be kept free and unobstructed. All materials used in decorations must be fire-resisting or have undergone a process of firenroofing. No decorations of any kind will be allowed on electric wires, fixtures or globes. Do not put in any additional electric lights or extend your lighting system in any way without securing a permit and an inspection from this department. Electric inspection is free and will be Finished upon request at any time. Keep…

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