Battle Creek Has Imitators

Issue 2 and Volume 53.

Battle Creek Has Imitators Chief Weeks, of Battle Creek, Mich., does not believe in waiting for fires to develop. So he has adopted a policy of nipping fires in the bud that is worth noting. On each floor of high buildings now being erected here there is a hydrant connecting with a small stand-pipe extending to the roof. In case of fire on an upper floor connections are made with the hydrant on the floor below and the hose carried, via stairsways, elevator shafts, or through outside windows, to the floor on which the fire is. At the foot of the stand-pipe, connections allow a motor pumping engine, a part of the equipment at Station No. 1. to apply pressure that will make a stream of water on the top floor much more powerful than an ordinary stream, on the level, from a street hydrant. A test of this system,…

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