Fast Drilling of Holes in Plate at Panama Canal

Issue 2 and Volume 53.

Fast Drilling of Holes in Plate at Panama Canal For the final riveting of the enormous lock gates at the Panama Canal, the McClintic-Marshall Construction Company, of Pittsburgh, has installed sixteen special electrically operated machines for drilling and reaming rivet holes. Each of these machines weighs about six tons and is capable of doing the work of five of the ordinary type reamers. The machines are designed to run on a standard gauge track and are mounted on broad adjustable scaffolds which are suspended from brackets by chains from the top of the gate, as shown in illustration. An inclined hand wheel operates through a train of gears and moves the machine along the track. The tool can readily be moved, as roller bearings are used, and the entire controlling mechanism is placed within easy reach of the operator. A horizontal hand wheel actuates suitable reduction gearing and a screw…

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