Prairie du Chien Woolen Mills Protected

Issue 4 and Volume 53.

Prairie du Chien Woolen Mills Protected Prairie du Chien, Wis., has a set of woolen mills that are well protected against fire. The system takes in thousands of feet of pipe of different dimensions, beginning at the entrance of the main building with two 6-inch leads, one on the side of the fire wall of the weaving and spinning department, the other on the side of the fire wall, cutting off the rest of the factory. From these leads the pipes are gradually reduced in size till they reach the farthest corner of the plant, and the 710 sprinklers are fitted with halfinch feeds. The arrangement of the hanging of the pipes next to the ceiling is such that ail will drain. The piping is so ordered that every space 8 feet square will be reached with an automatic sprinkler, and will do its work in that space when the…

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