Thirty-one Horses Perish in Toronto Bakery Fire

Issue 4 and Volume 53.

Thirty-one Horses Perish in Toronto Bakery Fire In a fire that started about 6 o’clock a. m. in the Coleman Bakery, Toronto, Ont., 31 horses and one fine specimen of a tiger tabby cat were suffocated a few mornings ago. The blaze, it is believed, started from electric wiring or round a motor in the mixing room. Within a few feet of this motor is the elevator shaft, and opening from the elevator is a double door into the passageway leading to the stables. As a rule, that door is kept closed, a precaution which had not been observed on this occasion, with the result that as soon as the fire broke out the stables were at once filled with a dense, suffocating smoke. All the windows were closed and the skylights were shut. As soon as the early drivers, who were in the stables, discovered what had happened, instead…

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