Small Fire Loss at Charleston, W. Va.

Issue 4 and Volume 53.

Small Fire Loss at Charleston, W. Va. The report of Chief C. C. Rand, of Charleston, W. Va., for the year just past, shows that there were 175 alarms, of which 10 were false, 33 were fires in brick or stone buildings, and 25 other than building fires The number of fires that were confined to building or place of origin were 162, 3 when the fire in one place or building extended to other buildings. The number of fires confined to the floor or floors where it originated was 130. The value of the property involved in the total number of fires was $908,300 and of the household contents was $894,4o0, a grand total of $1,862,700. The total insurance on the property involved was $1,450,400. The insurance loss was $ll,712,21 on property and on the contents was $17,993.95. The total loss was $18,793.95 showing a loss to property owners…

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