New York City Firebugs

Issue 4 and Volume 53.

New York City Firebugs “Izzy,” the firebug, whose real name is Steinkreutzer, in his revelations before the grand jury as to the methods and personality of those whom he is implicating as associates in the New York City “Arson Trust,” has 300 fires attributed to himself alone, so that, with the average insurance collected on each, it can easily be seen that, even with his small claims and others of a similar nature, the loss of the insurance companies has been no small one. He has implicated an adjuster by the name of Greutz as a participant, as were other “mechanics” and adjusters in these frauds on the companies, and fires set by them, and it is expected that in order to save himself, he will give up the names of other associates. He pleads that to a certain extent the love of heaping up riches by means of setting…

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