Issue 4 and Volume 53.

FIRE PREVENTION METHODS In Springfield, Mo. Chief McLaughlin points out, “there are a number of places, especially wholesale houses, that have fire extinguishers and do not take any care of them. These machines should be supplied with salt and chemicals or they will freeze up and will be unserviceable when needed.” The State institutions in Texas are being equipped with fire hydrants and otherwise improved, with a view to fire protection and fire prevention. All electric installations are being carefully seen to, and the elimination of certain inflammables is recommended so as to minimize fire hazards. The water supply is also to be looked after. H. F. Porter, an industrial engineer of New York City, offers as a solution of the fire hazard problem the adoption of the fire wall, namely, a wall pierced with metal fire doors bi-secting the loft buildings from roof to cellar, and thus providing the…

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