Requirements of Water Works Systems for Fire Protection

Issue 4 and Volume 53.

Requirements of Water Works Systems for Fire Protection The experience of many departments, as well as of public service corporations engaged in similar work, is that the motor-driven vehicle has become a necessary adjunct to the equipment of every water works system. It enables a prompt response in case of accident, and increases the efficiency not only of the executive force, but also of the laborers in many branches of the work, There is hardly a plant of any magnitude on which one or more automobiles cannot be profitably operated. The source of supply must be carefully studied before its adequacy from the fire protection standpoint can he determined with certainty. The total quantity of water used for the extinguishment of tires is proportionately very small, being approximately one-tenth of a gallon per capita per day, or in round numbers about one-thousandth ot the total consumption, but for short periods…

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