Davenport Fire Department

Issue 4 and Volume 53.

Davenport Fire Department Chief Peter Denger, of the Davenport, Ia., fire department for the year 1912, makes the following showing: Population, 44,528; area, 8 1/2 square miles; alarms received, 333; telephone alarms, 2,751; fire alarm box alarms, 38; still alarms, 19; American District Telegraph alarms, 1; total, 333; false alarms, 15; number of actual fires, 318; fires confined to place of origin, 317; extending to adjoining building, 1; number of fires in frame buildings, 181; number of fires in brick buildings, 62; other than building fires, 75; value of buildings, $900,400; value of contents. $245,050; total values, $L145,450; loss on buildings, $20,742.33; loss on contents, $9,581; total loss, $30.323.93; 1 oss on buildings, $19,941.33; loss on contents, $8,692.60; total insured loss, $28,633.93; insurance on buildings, $540,800; insurance on contents, $136,924; total insurance, $677,724; loss on buildings in which the fire originated, $30,323.93; average loss per fire, $95.36; per cent, loss…

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