Water Rates in Cincinnati

Issue 6 and Volume 53.

Water Rates in Cincinnati There was dissatisfaction in Cincinnati among the small water takers of the city. The rate paid by consumers up to January 1, was 7 1/2 cents per 1,000 cubic feet of water. This has been reduced to 7 cents for those whose services are metered. In the past there has been a minimum rate of 00 cents per month, whether the water was used or not. A record of the water used by metered consumers showed that of the 17,000 small patrons of the water department on the meter service, the consumption of the great majority averaged approximately 400 cubic feet. They were paying at the rate of 7 1/2 cents per 1,000 cubic feet, and if they really paid according to the amount of water consumed, the bill would be only 30 cents, yet because of the minimum rate charged, they were compelled to pay…

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