Rockford and the Water Works System

Issue 6 and Volume 53.

Rockford and the Water Works System By once more setting the small Holly engine at the water works of Rockford, Ill., and reconnecting it after years of idleness, three pumps can now be used in that city, the Holly doing the night pumping and the big snow pumps during the day only. When the city artesian wells were first opened they had a direct flow into the reservoir. This failed after years of usage and the pumps were connected directly with the wells. That plan also failed after several years and was succeeded by the shaft and tunnel system, the low-lift pumps being placed in use. In connection with this the water department can now run the pumping engines and pump directly from the mains without the use of the reservoir—a most valuable feature, if (as does not seem at all likely at present) the reservoirs should at any time…

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