Issue 6 and Volume 53.

CORRESPONDENCE An Interested Reader Edward A. Howell, driver of No. 1 hose wagon at Durango, Col., writes: “I am greatly interested in EIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, which I read from cover to cover.” Right Up to the Minute To THE EDITOR: Your journal is up the minute in fire news and has kept us well posted in everything new in the automobile line. JOHN L. TEMPLETON, Chief, January 14, 1913. Congratulations I wish to congratulate you on having a very spicy and up-to-date fire and water journal. It is a great educator in every lire department. A. B. TEN EYCK, Chief. Hamilton, Ont., Jan. 13, 1913. Boston Fire Commissioner Misquoted To THE Editor.—In your issue of January 22, 1913, you quote me as advocating a law retiring firemen at the age of 52. This is an error, and was probably copied by you from a Boston paper, which was also…

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