Montana Fire Losses Last Year

Issue 6 and Volume 53.

Montana Fire Losses Last Year Colonel G. W. Keif, in the report he made to State Auditor McCoy of Montana before the new administration took hold gives some interesting facts in regard to fires and fire losses in Montana from March 1, 1912, to December 31, 1912. Colonel Keif makes the report in his capacity as State fire marshal. During the period noted there were 401 fires reported with a total damage to buildings and contents amounting to $1,370,995. The insurance on the same amounted to $2,909,808. The total value of the buildings and contents in which there was a fire amount to $5,848,087. It is the same old story as to how it happened. Twenty-three fires were started which were traced directly to smokers’ carelessness, while the fond parents let their young children have matches with which to start 12 fires with a damage of over $8,000 and only…

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