Des Moines Considering Two Platoons

Issue 6 and Volume 53.

Des Moines Considering Two Platoons Within the next 50 days a special election will be called by the city council for the first use of the referendum under the Des Moines, Iowa, plan, for a vote on the double platoon system in the fire department. On the refusal of the council to pass an ordinance providing for the system, the firemen determined to carry their fight before the people. A petition bearing 9,000 names was filed with the council demanding that an election be called and the referendum machinery be put in operation. The councilmen refuse to pass the ordinance and there is no way for it to sidestep the calling of an election. The cost oi the election will be $6,000. The Mayor declares that the city has not the $50,000 necessary annually to make the change. The ordinance provides that after April 1. 1910, the firemen shall be…

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