Issue 7 and Volume 53.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS San Angelo, Tex., has bought a $100,000 auto engine and truck—the first to be put into service in the State. Knoxville, Tenn., has purchased a triple combination truck, equipped with a hose, a pump and a chemical tank. Great Bend, Kan., volunteer fire department has added to its equipment an auto tractor to haul the truck and hose carts in case of fire. The four assistant chiefs of the Detroit, Mich., lire department are to have, each one, a 30-40, three-passenger auto roadster for his use when on duty. Auto tractors, in the opinion of Chief Wallace, of Cleveland, O., will supplant his horses. A tractor was recently tried at Kngine House No. 1, attached to a hook and ladder truck and proved satisfactory. Cleveland, O., has placed a contract with Waterous Kngine Works Co., of St. Paul, Minn., for one of its No. 16 motor-driven pumping…

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