Recent Patents

Issue 7 and Volume 53.

Recent Patents 1,049,329. Water-meter. Fred Bangerter New York, N. Y., assignor to The Standard Water Meter Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. 1,049,588. Automatic fire-alarm. Frank Koup, Syracuse, N. Y. 1,049,968. Hose-clamp. Horace O. Allen, Ellwood City, Pa. 1.060,083. Frost-proof hydrant. Tames D. Martin, Oskaloosa, Iowa, assignor to Western Mfg. Co., same place. 1,050.037. Meter-piston. Lewis Hallock Xash, South Xorwalk, Conn. 1,060,053. Whistle-blowing apparatus. Frederick W. Cole. Newton Highlands. Mass., assignor to The (lamewell Fire-Alarm. Telegraph Co., New York, N. Y. 1,050,148. Liquid-meter. John W. Ledoux, Swarthmore. Pa. 1,050,546. Fire-escape. Luis Katz, New York, N. Y.

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