Pure Water for Country Districts

Issue 7 and Volume 53.

Pure Water for Country Districts Dr. M. Goltman, head of the department of health, Memphis, Tenn., in one of his weekly bulletins, emphasizes the need of pure water supplies in the country districts as a precaution against disease. He devotes particular attention to the subject of the country wells and their liability to infection. When infected, he states that they “are a source of much illness in rural communities. It is a safe rule for people living in the country to suspect all water until it is proved to he free from dangerous organic impurities. There is a marked difference between natural organic impurities in water, which may be harmless, and organic pollution, which frequently is the result of proximity of stock barns or cesspools. Artesian wells are usually pure, but often they are called artesian when in reality they are only deep wells, giving very impure and contaminated water.…

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