Detroit Water Works Report

Issue 7 and Volume 53.

Detroit Water Works Report The annual report of the Detroit Board of Water Commissioners for the year ending June 30, 1912, contains much detail of the improvements and extensions carried out during the twelve months from which the following is taken: The total income of the board was $1,373,362.53, of which $1,238,362.53 was derived from ordinary receipts, and $135,000 was realized from bonds and loans. The total expenditures were $1,364,2-18.37, of which $990,990.14 I was for construction, $234,518.90 for maintenance, $43,155 for interest on bonds, and $83,000 for purchase of bonds and payment of loans. During the year the income from water consumers increased 10 1-3 per cent. From carefully prepared estimates it has been found that if the growth of the water works is to keep pace with the expansion of Detroit, $4,000,000 must be expended for construction, during the next three years, in addition to the amount which…

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