Couple-Gear Tractor at Grand Rapids

Issue 9 and Volume 53.

Couple-Gear Tractor at Grand Rapids An aerial ladder truck in the fire department at Grand Rapids, Mich., has been converted from a horse-drawn apparatus to a motor-driven truck by the adoption of a couple-gear attachment. The truck steers from all wheels and is equipped with 4-inch dual tires upon each wheel. The battery is the National, manufactured by the United States Light and Heating Company, 80 cells, 17 plate. An auxiliary controller is furnished, giving 15 speeds forward and reverse, enabling it to start without undue strain on the apparatus at any time. This equipment handles the heavy aerial outfit at speeds running up to 25 miles per hour. The weight of the entire equipment is approximately 10 tons. The wheels, axles, steering gear and controller are of the standard type of couple gear equipment, the motors being of the high speed class rather than the commercial.

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