A Toronto Policeman’s Concise Entry

Issue 9 and Volume 53.

A Toronto Policeman’s Concise Entry If brevity is the soul of wit, Police Constable Hatch, of Toronto, Ont., might well lay claim to being the wittiest man on the force. If he is not that, he is certainly one. Laconicism entitles him to pose as a lineal descendant of the ancient Spartans. During a fire which started in the basement of the store and had threatened the store itself and filled the whole house with choky smoke, two women, one very sick, were trapped in the second floor. The sick woman had fainted but had been dragged to the window by her companion, where she half recovered and becoming hysterical, tried to jump out. She fainted again and fell half out of the window. The other woman shrieked for help on which Policeman Hatch, using the iron framework of the awning climbed up and carried the women, one a dead…

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