Artesian Wells in the Antipodes

Issue 9 and Volume 53.

Artesian Wells in the Antipodes New South Wales, Australia and Queensland posses a most valuable asset in their artesian waters with their mineral contents. In some of these wells the temperature of the water reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit and chemical analyses have shown that valuable fertilizing elements in a water-soluble form are derived from different bores. Amongst the commonest are potash, magnesia, lime and soda, and all these fertilizers are in the water on the spot; they cost nothing and can be utilized at any moment. As an instance : From one well is derived every year potash to the value of $7,915 and lime valued at $3,560. That the high temperature of the water is not prejudicial to its use as a fertilizer is shown that experiments at Rothamsted, England, have proved that soils watered with hot water give excellent results. The Antipodean range of artesian wells stretches from…

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