New England Water Works Association

Issue 9 and Volume 53.

New England Water Works Association The following were in attendance at the February 12 meeting of the New England Water Works Association: Honorary Members.—W. T. Sedgwick and F. P. Stearns. Members.—C. H.Baldwin, A. F. Ballou, L. M. Bancroft, G. W. Batchelder, A. E. Blackmer, J. W. Blackmer, C. A. Bogardus, Dexter Brackett, E. C. Brooks, George Cassell, J. C. Chase, R. D. Chase, A. O. Doane, E. D. Eldredge, F. F. Forbes, M. L. Fuller, Albert S. Glover, J. A. Gould, F. H. Gunther, R. A. Hale, R. K. Hale, A. R. Hathaway, M. F. Hicks, A. C. Howes, J. L. Hyde, G. R. Jones, F. T. Kemble, E. W. Kent, Willard Kent, G. A. King, N. A. McMillcn, A. E. Martin, W. H. Maybury, John Mayo, J. H. Mendel!, F. E. Merrill, Leonard Metcalf, H. A. Miller, William Naylor, T. A. Peirce, H. E. Perry, L. C. Robinson, C.…

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