Chelsea Buys a Big Motor Engine

Issue 9 and Volume 53.

Chelsea Buys a Big Motor Engine The Boston Globe of recent date contained the following: “A fire engine that will be the most powerful piece of fire fighting apparatus in New England, it is claimed, was ordered by the city of Chelsea after Mayor Willard had signed the paper for its purchase. The machine is known as a triple combination gasoline pumping engine. It is to cost $10,000. The capacity will equal that of two steam engines, as it will throw four streams of water and have a rated pumping capacity of more than 1,000 gallons per minute. The big type steam fire engines throw but two streams of water each and have much lower pumping capacity. There are other gasoline pumping engines in New England, but none which can pump more than 600 gallons per minute, though that is considered an excellent capacity. Mayor Willard in his inaugural several…

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