The Wharf Fire at Savannah

Issue 9 and Volume 53.

The Wharf Fire at Savannah Supplementary to the illustrated account of the wharf fire at Savannah, Ga., which appeared in a recent issue of this journal, are the following particulars, kindly sent by First Assistant Engineer A. J. Fosbach. As was told, the scene of the conflagration was the wharves and warehouses of the Merchants’ and Miners’ Transportation Company, situated in the northwestern portion of the city and fronting the Savannah river. The fire swept over the whole of the space occupied by the buildings, approximately 506,250 square feet. The buildings were fire-inviting, some were 25 years old and had been 3-story rice mills, which had been turned into freight depots and offices. They were principally constructed of wood, though portions were of corrugated iron and brick, the wharves and sheds being of the former material and the warehouses and other sheds of the latter. The old open cotton sheds…

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