Ahrens-Fox Steamer at Cincinnati

Issue 10 and Volume 53.

Ahrens-Fox Steamer at Cincinnati In reference to the new Ahrens-Fox motor engine purchased by the city of Cincinnati. O., the Times-Star of that city says: “In answering every test to which it was subjected, the first auto tire engine in Cincinnati will be put into active service Monday night at the quarters of engine company 40, in Hyde Park. The engine now there will be transferred to the Evanston house and the wagon will go to the 6’s at Pearl and Martin streets. The auto engine performed remarkable work Monday. Carrying 18 people it made the run from a position in front of the morgue to the quarters of the Hyde Park Company in 12 minutes. As another test it traveled the distance between St. Francis de Sales church to the Hyde Park school in four minutes. The hill climbing contest was on the Gilbert avenue hill from the end…

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