An Irvington Factory Fire

Issue 11 and Volume 53.

An Irvington Factory Fire A defective fire broke out in the Irvington, N. J., Varnish and Insulator Company on Tremont Terrace. The blaze started in what was supposed to be a fireproof tower, built of sheet iron and brick, which was used as a dipping and drying room. It was caused by a strip of dipped cloth falling on the heating tanks at the bottom of the shaft. Fortunately the construction of the tower kept the flames from spreading to the adjoining building and confined them to the one place. The street, however, in the tower was altogether destroyed. An employe discovered the fire and at once turned in an alarm which brought the fire department. The material in the tower was then blazing furiously and the firemen’s hands were tied, owing to the fact that water was not only useless in the case of varnish burning, but was also…

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