Colorado Springs Water Report

Issue 11 and Volume 53.

Colorado Springs Water Report Interesting figures are contained in the annual report of Superintendent B. B. McReynolds, of the Colorado Springs, Col., water department, for 1912. The report shows receipts from consumers during the year amounting to $154,439.15, and other receipts of $35,006.53, a total of $189,445.68. Against this are expenditures of $38,786.59 for maintenance, $64,320 for interest on bonds, $66,219.44 for payment of bonds, and $22,914.52 for construction, a total of $192,240.55. The net cost of the water works to date is given as $3,179,024.42, and the present bonded debt, $1,572,000, with 4 per cent, the average rate of interest. The statistics regarding consumption show that the estimated population supplied is 32.009; the total consumption for the year was 2.349,293,000 gallons, of which 15 per cent, was metered. The average daily consumption was 6,436,400 and the average daily to each consumer 195 gallons. The cost of supplying water per…

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