The Seattle Times Fire

Issue 11 and Volume 53.

The Seattle Times Fire Concerning the fire which recently caused much damage to the Times building and the Denny building at Seattle, Wash., l ire Marshal Harry W. Bringhurst writes: “The Times building and the Denny building arc located in the business center of the city. The former, which stands on the northeast corner of Second avenue and Union street, occupies a ground space of 60 x 108 feet, while the latter building, adjoining on the north, occupies the same amount of space. The Times building is four stories and the Denny building is five stories high, both having been built about 12 years ago. The material used in construction included both brick frame, joisted lath and plaster, with partition walls mostly of wood, lath and plaster. The fire broke out on the third or fourth floor of the Times building near the center, having doubtless been caused by some…

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