Water for Feeble-Minded Institution

Issue 11 and Volume 53.

Water for Feeble-Minded Institution Cyrus C. Babb, chief engineer of the Maine water storage commission, has investigated the water question at the home for feeble minded in Pownal, and has made a lengthy report on his findings. He advises the abandonment of the idea of developing the water power for which the State paid about $8,000, believing that it can never be developed so as to furnish the power that will be needed by the institution, although that is estimated at only 50-horsepower per day. Mr. Babb is rather cautions about the water supply, but thinks on the whole one can be provided at a reasonable cost. He describes the well digging that is in progress, one well having been sunk 136 feet and is estimated to be capable now of furnishing about 21,000 gallons per day if it is sunk another foot. This well will cost about $1,000 to…

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