Danbury Tests Its New Motor Engine

Issue 11 and Volume 53.

Danbury Tests Its New Motor Engine A new American-La France motor engine has been added to the fire department of Danbury, Conn. The apparatus was given a series of tests a few days since in the presence of Chief Lounsbury. city officials and members of the fire departments of Waterbury and Stamford. In commenting on the tests, of which there were seven, the Danbury News has this to say: “The first test was made with one line of hose 600 feet in length. The tip, or nozzle, measured 1⅛ inches. The pressure at the pump for this test was 260 pounds; at the nozzle. 82 pounds, while the discharge was 34n gallons. “The second test was with two lines of hose 300 feet long, with the same sized tip as was used for the previous test. The pump pressure this time was 140 pounds and 65 pounds at the nozzle,…

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