Big Revenue for Denver Water Co.

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

Big Revenue for Denver Water Co. In the first complete report on its physical and financial condition ever made to its stockholders, which has just been issued, the Denver Union Water Company states that in the fiscal year ending October 31 last, it earned, after all charges were made. $402,365.45, or about 5½ per cent, on its entire capital of $7,500,000. The gross earnings for the year were $1,383,977.75, and the charges for maintenance, operation and other expenses, were $981,612.30. The profits have been used in making extensions to the plant and other improvements instead of being divided among the stockholders, the report states. Since the appraisal made in 1908 under the ordinance which provided for the purchase by the city of Denver of the company’s property, there has been expended $1,859,425.98 for account of new construction and additions. Added to the appraised valuation of $14,400,000, as fixed by the…

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