Live Wire Kills Atlanta Fireman

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

Live Wire Kills Atlanta Fireman Charles Dougherty, of Station No. 2, Atlanta, Ga., was instantly killed and several other firemen seriously injured a few’ days ago by coming in contact with a live electric wire while fighting a fire in a residence. The fire was said to have been caused by a preventable short circuit of wires in the street. City Electrician Turner declares that while the voltage for lighting houses is seldom more than 220 volts, at least 2,000 volts passed through Dougherty’s body. He said that the electric company had not properly insulated its high power wires, and was therefore responsible for the accident. James Purcell and P. E. Hellem, pipemen of the same company, were the other victims, but will recover. Only a few days before, James Galiespie, another Atlanta fireman, was killed by a falling wall. Dougherty was electrocuted by contact with a cable which became…

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