Steamship on Fire in the Harbor

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

Steamship on Fire in the Harbor A fire in the hold of the steamship Richmond, of the Atlantic Coast Lumber Company, while lying at the foot of East 26th street, recently, caused considerable excitement and made lively work for a time for the various tugs in the vicinity. After rescuing the crew the vessel was towed to Greenpoint, where the flames were extinguished. Members of the steamship crew at first tried to handle the fire without asking for help, but found themselves unable to cope with the dames, and then sounded a distress call. With incredible speed there darted from the neighboring docks seven fire lighting tugs and as many more volunteer aids to the threatened steamer. The hold of the ship was by this time thoroughly on fire. The smoke was dense, and the first work of the rescue tugs was to take from the ship three or four…

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