Box 52 Association

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

Box 52 Association A new Boston fire association was recently formed and held its first annual banquet last week. The guests were Fire Commissioner Charles H. Cole. Russell Potter, ex-fire commissioner of Buffalo; Superintendent Samuel Abbott. Jr., Chief John A. Mullen, of the Boston fire department and Henry J. Cunningham. Commissioner of Public Safety of Cambridge. Harry N. Haven was the toastmaster. Mr. Haven said: “The purposes of this organization, which is Composed of representatives of all branches of business and professions is to take an active interest in all questions pertinent to the fire department of the city, and to do everything within their power to be of real material aid to Boston’s fire-fighters.” Commissioner Cole spoke of the Boston departments, its historyand needs. He said: “Just as the up-to-date physician is practising methods of prevention as well as those securing disease, just so is the fire department of…

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