Issue 12 and Volume 53.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS Pascagoula, Ala., has passed an ordinance prescribing a limit within which no wooden building can in future be erected. The Pottsville. Pa., Firemen’s Relief Association now allows $7 instead of $4 per week to any member who is disabled while fighting fires. The Humane Fire Company, of Norristown, Pa., has just celebrated its sixtieth anniversary. Josiah R. Tycon is its only living charter member. A letter addressed to Mr. Thomas Reynolds, care of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is in this office, 154 Nassau street, and will be forwarded upon request. In the Cleveland, O., public school firemen of the city may supervise the pupils’ drills and three inspections a year will be “made in the case of the school building. Columbus, Ga., recently had a fire which involved a loss of nearly $80,000 on cotton alone —the heaviest in the South since the fire of last year…

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